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Miss a good coffee!

McArthurGlen Outlet Vancouver

Monday evening my wife and I went to the McArthurGlen Outlet near the Vancouver airport. I know, we shouldn’t have, right? Boxing day insanity still lingering in the air and all, but what can I say? We needed winter jackets for the whole family, so that we could enjoy New Year’s eve doing a snow shoe walk up the mountain. Last time we went up, my ‘water-attracting’ jacket got me soaked to the bone.

It sounded simple and harmless enough, but when I saw the packed parking lot and the store fronts lined with people, I realized that we would be there for a while. My better half took her spot on our target store’s line, I went for coffee and hot chocolate. After all, standing outside in that freezing weather should be a little more bearable with hot beverages. I had a decision to make, since there are two main, well-known coffee shops there. I decided for one of them, hoping that I would get a more personal touch, but it was a huge mistake! For starters, they charge a fixed (high) price for all sizes, so if you just want a small cup, too bad! When I got the ordered mocha and hot chocolate I noticed two things: both felt lukewarm to the touch, and I couldn’t tell cocoa from coffee, even by taste (she took the challenge and decided which one was her warm chocolate).

After a few sips, we just tossed both cold and overly sweet beverages in the garbage can, while dearly missing our favourite coffee, CuppaJoe! When I got home, I had to brew myself a fresh cup and let the Indonesia Java Blawan Estate rinse away all disappointment.

Next time, I will take a thermos!

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